Non-Compliance detail

Licence number: 779
Annual Return Start: 01 Feb 2016
Annual Return End: 31 Jan 2017
Date Received: 11 Apr 2017
Licence Condition numberType of non-complianceEPA actionsNo. of times occurred
L3.6 exceedance of pH and electrical conductivity at monitoring point 7 Appropriate Action taken by licensee 3
L1.1 Failure of the Ravensworth Ash Line resulted ash slurry discharge. PRP to address non-compliance(s) being negotiated 1
O3.1 Dust leak from silo resulted in an uncontrolled release of dust and visible plume. Failed boot seal on the silo conditioner weigher. Full internal examination to understand failures, establish a preventative maintenance program for the entire system. Appropriate Action taken by licensee 1
L4.1 A power failure to the control station at the Liddell discharge valve which disabled telemetry from the conductivity and flow monitoring equipment. Appropriate Action taken by licensee 1